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Godolphin Communications

Strategic Communications and Advice

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Central to the Godolphin approach is the belief in trusted relationships. 
Placing reality at the heart of a communications strategy is fundamental to success. 
Godolphin will help you design the appropriate communications strategy to achieve your strategic objectives.


Communications strategy

Media relations

Behavioural change campaigns

Crisis Communications

Message development

Stakeholder management


Strategic planning


Successful communications are defined by the outcomes they achieve. 

We will design and deliver the campaign that achieves the goals you want.




We are a strategic communications agency.  Godolphin Communications' personal service will guide you through today's convoluted communicaitons landscape to ensure you achieve the outcome necessary. Our strategic planning will create the platform from which to launch your campaign, working back from your objecives to develop your narrative and deliver your  messages to the target audiences, including media, policy makers and sector stakeholders.

Our clients expect a personal service based on mutually agreed goals. These are set following a holistic review of all influencing factors. At every level communications are strengthened when a frank approach is taken, this applies as much to the client relationship as it does to engagement with third parties.